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All You Need to Know

I have been working with people who struggle with eating disorders for over 25 years. I started out my career at the, Toronto General Hospital Eating Disorders program, a world-renowned treatment facility with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral therapy.
When I moved to the bay area I became a founding member of New Dawn Eating Disorders Program in Sausalito (2005-2009) and La Ventana Eating Disorders center in San Francisco (Dec.2009-Nov. 2010). I played a key role in the planning and development of the nutrition component in both programs.  More recently I have ventured out on my own in private practice.

I hold a BASc. in Applied Human Nutrition.  I am licensed by the commission of Dietetic Registration (CRD)  and a certified adolescent weight management specialist.

Lynne Martin RD


Supporting Your Success

I work with: women and men, adults and teens, individuals and families.

I specialize in the treatment of:
Binge Eating Disorders
Emotional Eating  
Weight Control   
Adolescent weight management

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder
General Nutrition  (helping individuals and famillies to have a healthier balanced way of eating in this hectic lifestyle we live in).

I provide the following services:
Individual nutrition counseling
Skills based groups  
Therapeutic Meals
Maudsley Method/ Family-Based Treatment for adolescents

A Non Dieting Approach

A Healthier You

Non-dieting means:

Eating in response to hunger and learning to stop when you feel full
Allowing yourself to eat normal portions of food from all food groups
Enjoying the taste of food and feeling satisfied without guilt
Eating  in response to your bodies biological needs rather than according to a weight  goal or your mood

Food and Feelings

The Guidance You Need

I like to help individuals  slowly start to explore how food and feelings get intertwined.   You will learn how to separate the food from the feelings which will allow you to have a new healthier relationship with food.

Taking back the Power

Better Decisions

I believe that when certain foods are avoided they become more powerful and have the ability to cause stress in your life.  You may turn down social engagements for fear of certain foods being present.  When you do come in contact with these forbidden foods you may notice increased anxiety which can  lead to binging or overeating.  I will work with you to  become comfortable eating a variety of food resulting in  taking back the  power  from the food.

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Erin Elfant-Rea, Ph.D
When I served as founding Clinical Director of New Dawn Eating Disorder Recovery Center (2005-2009) and La Ventana Eating Disorder Program (2009-2010), the first person I hired to develop and start the nutritional component of these programs was Lynne Martin.  Lynne immediately struck me as extremely knowledgeable and well-trained, and over the course of the past 5 years, I have come to understand just how gifted a clinical dietician Lynne truly is.  Lynne is direct in her approach with patients and has an uncanny ability to confront the eating disorder while helping the individual person gain strength to fight the disease.   I have heard so many of her patients reflect that Lynne has been the most effective professional on their treatment team because of her ability to provide incredibly spot-on insights and valuable tools that she helps them implement.  She stays connected to her patients daily through the use of food and feelings journals, and her meticulous attention to detail helps her patients feel incredibly heard and taken care of.   Lynne is as talented as a group leader as she is as an individual provider.  Her cognitive-behavioral groups provide members with take home skills and a safe place to process how they are doing making difficult behavioral changes.

Summer Nipomnick,PhD
I have had the pleasure of working with Lynne Martin since 2008. She is an accomplished dietitian who possesses an exceptional wealth of knowledge that is equaled only by her skill in applying it. Lynne expertly challenges her patients while connecting with them in a way that inspires trust and leaves a lasting impression of hope, a confidence for success and a motivation for change. Lynne's patients often speak about her ability to see and relate to them as individuals, and not as their eating disorder diagnoses, and they say that her firm yet compassionate role in their recovery has made a lasting difference in the way they approach food and life.

Sheira Kahn, MFT
Lynne Martin and I were on the treatment team at La Ventana Eating Disorders Program in San Francisco. Lynne's direct approach gives clients the courage to try new behaviors and face their fears. Lynne cares more about confronting the eating disorder than making it super-comfortable for people, yet  her style is consistently clinically appropriate. Clients love working with her and they get better under her care. 

Contact Information

Lynne Martin, RD

30 N. San Pedro Rd.
Suite 265
San Rafael,CA


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